A Januzzi Shout Out!

Welcome to the Januzzi Family blog.

I’ve started this blog to document my journey as I locate family members and trace my family tree.

My name is Richard (Rick)  Carmine Januzzi Jr.  I was born in 1960 in Alabama, USA. My father, the late Richard Carmine Januzzi Sr. was originally from New York City, New York. I am the proud father of a son, Dominic Januzzi, born in 1989.

Unfortunately, I never met or knew my paternal grandparents,  I do not even know their names.  I also have never met nor do I know the names of any aunts, uncles or cousins that I might be related to.

I am truly starting my  search from ground zero.




  1. Rick,
    I might be able to get you started in your search. Genealogy is my middle name. Ask your wife about it. See you soon.

    • Thank you I would appreciate it and looking forward to seeing you:-)

  2. Januzzi the second name of people in Italia you can find in Avellino.

    • Thank you Natasha!

  3. hi rick my name is alexandria bianco my mother was lena deleno she had a sister filomena januzzi i think my moms sister was your grandmother because my mothers sister married a richard januzzi. filomena died in 1952 the year my brother sal was born. i have facebook too my name on thier is lexis deleno im using my moms madien name. i too was born in 1960 i have two married daughters and five grandchildren i would love to chat with you. about our family. hope to here from you soon. alexandria

    • Aloha cousin, how wonderful to hear from you! We Januzzis are connecting from all over the world thanks to social networks like blogs and facebook. It’s very cool. I can’t wait to hear from you! I have a 21 year old son, Dominic Januzzi. He’s in the Air Force. Where do you live? My beautiful wife and I live on the island of Maui. We’ve been here for two years and we are loving the island life. My email address is rickjanuzzi@gmail.com but I’m on facebook pretty regularly too. Let’s chat soon!

      Rick Januzzi

  4. Hi Rick:

    I may be related to you from your late dad Sr, will be in your area around Nov if our going to be home in Maui.

    Step Brother Stan Januzzi

    • Hi Stan,

      We would love to meet up with you when you come to Maui!
      Let us know the dates you will be here:-)

  5. Hi Rick,
    My name is Eileen DeLeno Ciatto my father’s name is Joseph DeLeno I believe your Grandmother Filomena was my father’s sister. He use to call her Fanny. I saw on facebook that you were friends with my son Paul Ciatto! Spoke with Donna DeLeno and she told me you were looking up family of your grandmother. I believe we are related.

  6. Hey Rick, I have a lot of the Januzzi family history til 1844! I think we are related. email me

    • Aloha Amber,
      My email is rickjanuzzi@gmail.com
      Can’t wait to hear about the family info and see how we are related.


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