Januzzi’s in North America

I’ll be adding some information about the Januzzi immigration to North America. I’m interested in any information you may have to add about your own family’s history. If you have information to add about your grandparents or great grandparents, please let me know. I’d love to hear from you and post it for others to see.



  1. My name is Giuseppe (Joseph) ciatto born in Sicily Furci Siculo Provincia Messina,My father was Francesco Ciatto and my Mother Sebastiana (scarcella)Ciatto who leave in Sherley LI.We left Sicily and went to belgium then move to america ,i was born may 8 1955 move to america at the age of 17 year old ,i usted leave in Harrison NY when i came to america then got married and move to the Bronx on Country Club rd ,then move to new milford CT ,got devorced 9 year ago have 3 kids ,now i leave in Danbury ct

  2. Hello and welcome Giuseppe! Thank you for your information, I appreciate it very much. My father, Richard Januzzi was from the Bronx.

    Did you arrive by plane or ship? Can you tell me the year and which airport or harbor where you first arrived from Belgium?

    Did your parents come with you?

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